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DR.Manjunath B H

MBBS, MS(ortho), Felloship Joint Replacement Arthoscopy

DR.Kiran Kumar G N

MBBS, MS(ortho), DNB(ortho) Fellowship in Knee and sports Medicine, Fellowship in sholder and elbow injuries

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Why DRM?

Welcome to DRM Hospital, where your health and well-being are our top priorities. At DRM Hospital, we believe that exceptional healthcare should be accessible to all, and that’s why we strive to deliver the highest quality medical services to our patients.

With a team of highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a patient-centered approach, DRM Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive care across a wide range of medical specialties.

Orthopedics Hospital in Mysore

Best Orthopedic hospital in Mysore. DRM Hospital was built to be different from the ground up. That starts with a three-step commitment to each patient: Lifeline for a Lifetime: Our goal with every client is to build the skills necessary for long-term sobriety. No matter how many times you have stumbled on the road to recovery, we believe that where there is life, there is hope in changing from a life of addiction to one of integrity, sincerity, and sobriety.

DRM Hospital in Mysore is best Orthopedic Hospital in Mysore. The region of medication called orthopedics deals with preventing, figuring out, and treating diseases affecting bones and joints.

Orthopedic surgeons treat illnesses that affect the bones, joints, muscle groups, and tendons using their musculoskeletal gadget expertise. The musculoskeletal machine comprises the bones, joints, muscle groups, tendons, and ligaments that allow movement within the frame. It is a complex mechanism that evolves constantly as the frame changes and expands.

Orthopaedic surgeons specialise in a surgical procedure that restores mobility and reduces aches resulting from musculoskeletal problems. They carry out diverse approaches: joint replacement, arthroscopy, and spinal surgery. Orthopaedic surgeons also provide preventive care, which includes bodily therapy, to help improve flexibility, energy and range of movement. Orthopaedics is an critical medical speciality that enables patients of all ages maintain mobility and decrease pain. Orthopedic surgeons and specialists are committed to imparting. For instance, a physical therapist might employ a range of exercises and stretches to help a person regain range of motion and muscle strength following an injury in everyday sports.

Why DRM is Best Orthopedic Hospital In Mysore?

DRM Hospital Mysore is a leading multispecialty hospital in Mysore, Karnataka. It is one of the pleasant healthcare centers in the vicinity, providing exceptional medical care to its patients. It is part of DRM Hospitals, a leading healthcare organization in Mysore. The first-rate health center in Mysore has a team of exceedingly certified and experienced doctors, nurses, and clinical specialists committed to presenting satisfactory feasible care.

The health facility gives specialisations in cardiac, crucial services in the form of acute care, critical care, emergency care, preventive care, and rehabilitative care such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy plenty of therapeutic and diagnostic remedies, including minimally invasive surgery, laboratory offerings, and complex imaging. The DRM Hospitals in Mysore also provide several preventative healthcare treatments, immunizations, fitness checks, and different processes.

Expertise mixed with multidisciplinary orthopedic services and cutting part technology to provide an correct analysis, remedy and rehabilitation have made DRM’s Orthopedic department as the best orthopedic Hospital in Mysore Consult with the excellent orthopedic medical doctor in Mysore.

The Orthopaedic Department at DRM Hospitals gives interdisciplinary solutions for acute and continual musculoskeletal issues. State-of-the-artwork trauma & accident surgical operation, sports activities remedy, arthroscopy, joint replacements, limb deformity correction, reconstruction ortho oncology, Hand, wrist, and pediatric ortho care, making it the best orthopedic sanatorium in Mysore.

DRM Hospital in Mysore, affers several treatment techniques to provide proper care and treatments for diverse Orthopaedics sicknesses.

 Facilities & Services:

The scope of the orthopedics department at DRM Hospitals consists of both fashionable and surgical remedies. General orthopaedics caters to shoulders, knees, sports medication, trauma, pediatrics, joint substitute surgeries, physiotherapy, and overall hip alternative. The surgeries include arthroplasty, orthobiologics, cartilage healing and cooperative renovation approaches, fracture surgeries, complex articular reconstructions, salvage techniques for left out trauma and polytrauma control. Sub-area of expertise surgical procedures consists of treatment of congenital and developmental problems in children, limb renovation and oncological reconstruction, issues of Hand and wrist, and DRM Hospitals’ minimally invasive approaches on every occasion possible, lowering ache and prompt recovery. DRM Hospital is an orthopedic health center in Mysore wherein pre-surgical treatment and submit-surgical operation assistance from all scientific, surgical and nursing regions assist in the fast restoration of all surgical procedure for their patients.

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